Saturday, January 07, 2006

Rapture...eating cars

Thursday I had my last two wisdom teeth pulled. My mouth and jaw are sore. This painful procedure is interesting for two reasons. This was the first time I have had laughing gas and was put under anesthesia. I was not aware of the work going on in my mouth until it was over. It was also interesting that the oral surgeon was a young, handsome, hunk of a man. I have never had erotic thoughts about my doctor before. It reminded me of a recent play E and I saw at New Conservatory Theatre Center called “After Dark”. Both characters joke about lusting after a good-looking dentist and having non-essential dental work done just to be close to him. But in my case, I’m not having any more teeth pulled. However, the post-operative instructions say: “Do not use a straw, drink from a bottle or spit for 2 to 3 days following surgery. Doing so may result in dislodging the clot and promote bleeding.” I may ask him when I go back for my check-up next week if it is safe to start sucking again.

And speaking of sucking, owning cars can suck can too. In the last two weeks we’ve had to replace a bad alternator in one car and a bad battery in our other car. Then my daughter calls last night from college complaining that her car isn’t working right. Ugh! And now our refrigerator/freezer is not staying cold. The repairman has tried replacing the motor three times and none of the new motors worked. They were all defective. No ice until next week. Yeah, Happy New Year.

If this entry sucks, I blame the Vicodin.


savante said...

No mention of the anaesthestist! Typical :) But the oral surgeon sounded yummy.


Moby said...

Dental visits are the worst! Glad you had a sexy distraction from the experience.

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