Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Weekend parties and events

Birthday girl
Our youngest daughter turned 8 last Thursday. She wanted new clothes and jewelry as presents. And that is what the young lady received.

My parentsFriday my parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. My brother, sister and I threw a party for them Saturday night in their church social hall. We had about 135 of their family and friends attend. Everyone had a great time. E did all 15 table decorations. Each table focused on different aspect of their life such as family, hobbies, volunteer and community commitments, travels, church, etc. They were a hit at the party. I am sure some eyebrows were raised when E and I slow and fast danced on the dance floor. But nobody made any comments.

Passover tableSunday and Monday, E spent all day cooking and preparing for our mostly gay Passover Seder. It was stupendous. One of our friends said, “What can I say about such a perfect evening. I'm so glad to have been part of such a moving and spirited Passover meal, not too mention a most delicious one.”
Tuesday we went to opening day at the ballpark to see the San Francisco Giants. The pre-game events were spectacular. But the game sucked. The Giants had their worst opening day loss ever. Since we won’t be eating any bread or other leaven food for the week, we brought our own matzah to the game. Crab Louie salad certainly is not Kosher for Passover, but it tastes great on matzah!

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Bill said...

I love your entries because they are so warm and so filled with family issues -- dinners, events, and people -- very personal. And being a volunteer for years in different AIDS projects where I literally said goodbye to so many dear friends, well, it's wonderful that you mention them and remember them in your prayers. I still talk to many of them.

I suppose it sounds a bit lame, but I like coming here because you have such a close bond with your family, and we don't. I miss that a lot.

Thanks again. :)

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