Monday, April 16, 2007

Wild about Andrew Lippa

I am convinced that Palo Alto is wild about New York City composer/writer Andrew Lippa. I can’t think of another new artist that is so widely produced in the area as he. Lippa has been a favorite of audiences and artistic staff at TheatreWorks, the local Equity theatre, for years. He has participated in TheatreWorks’ Writers’ Retreat and New Work Festival many times. His musical “A Little Princess” was part of the festival and premiered on the theatre’s main season in 2004. Besides “Princess” Lippa has come to town to work on “Jerry Christmas”, “Betty Boop” and “Asphalt Beach”.

It is one thing to be a favorite of a theatre company. It is another to have your works done by a variety of theatres in the area. Andrew Lippa is being done just about every type of theatre in the area.
* The local children’s company, Palo Alto Children’s Theatre just did “A Little Princess” in March.
* Stanford University’s Ram’s Head Theatrical Society is currently doing an enthusiastic production of "The Wild Party". We saw it this last Friday, opening night. It was a wild and sexy production done by students, most who are not theatre majors.
* Last June Bus Barn Stage, a community theatre in the neighboring town of Los Altos did a wonderful job of "john & jen".

I hope he makes his way back out soon for another visit and to work on some more for his fun shows. Maybe he will even come to one of our dinner parties!


Jeff said...

Yay, Ram's Head! (I used to be in some of their shows when I was a student.)

Ryan said...

sounds cool!

Brad said...

Aw. Its so sweet that you 2 are in love and married and dad's as well. There is hope for me! And I should speed up my coming out.

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