Thursday, March 24, 2005

Spring Breaks

It has been Spring Break time around here. E’s oldest son was home from college last week. This week the middle son is off. Next week the youngest has his high school break. Yesterday E left with the middle son to go to Spring Training with the Giants in Arizona. Over the weekend the younger son will trade places with his brother and spend the first half of next week at Spring Training.

I was teasing E about getting his balls autographed after the game or enjoying a come from behind win. Despite the jokes, I miss him.

Before he left, E wrote a poem and tucked it under my pillow. I found it last night before going to sleep.

Rain drums its melody of the roof
Above the bodies of our two, entwined selves.
Sounds of its rhythmic cadence blend
With the steady, deep moan of your breath.
I listen intently to the words of this of this duet,
And I hear distinctly the message of love…
You feel for Me,
I feel for You,
We feel for Us.

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