Friday, March 04, 2005

Wedding plans #1

Earlier this week we watched the DVD of Bravo’s 2002 series “Gay Weddings”. Half way through the first episode we were thinking this is stupid. Neither one of us likes reality shows or ‘in you face’ documentaries. But by the end of the third episode we were hooked. The show follows four gay and lesbian couples over a 5 month period as the plan their weddings. Interestingly, this was filmed pre-SF and Massachusetts gay weddings. At the end of the show we realized we only have 3 months until ours. Is it time to start to panic yet?

Our big day is Father’s Day, June 19. We have a place (our synagogue), caterer and dance band booked. It took us weeks to pick out and order our Ketubah. Up next are ordering invitations and picking out rings.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Guy Dads! This is THE GAY from diaryland. PLEASE EMAIL ME ASAP! Thanks.

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