Monday, March 14, 2005

Weekend of comedy, corned beef and elephant seals

Friday night after Shabbat dinner we went to see Preston Sturges’ screwball comedy Unfaithfully Yours (1948) and the Marx Brothers classic A Night at the Opera (1935) at Stanford Theatre. Both movies mixed classical musical with wacky comedy.

Saturday night we went to a St. Patrick’s Day themed birthday party. We met some new gay and lesbian couples and got to know several others better. Also, I got to eat some really good corned beef and cabbage.

Sunday we took my two younger kids to Año Nuevo State Reserve, the site of the largest mainland breeding colony for elephant seals. The outing was organized by the local LGBT center. It was for LGBT families with younger kids. Three lesbian couples and us participated. I think there were seven kids between 4 and 14. They all had a great time together.

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