Friday, July 01, 2005

Dad Reminders

We have had our three youngest kids living with us full time for the past two weeks. Usually the 6 and 9 year old are here every other weekend. The 16 year old is with us full time.
Things to remember:
When the 6 year old says her tummy hurts and she feels like she is going to throw up, she is not bluffing. Wait a half hour and see what happens. Do not get in the car.
Remember to remind the 9 year old to go to the bathroom every few hours. He is pee shy but not in the usual way. He is too shy to say he has to go to the bathroom.
Constantly reminding the 16 year old that he has a curfew (midnight) and he can’t spend all night playing poker whenever and wherever he wants.
Other than that, we love having kids around.


Thom said...

At least your words of experience can make your readers snicker to themselves! (Especially the part about the six-year-old with the tummy ache...)

Red Bricks said...

hello ...i found your site from a friend of mine. thom.

I will be reading your blog now.

thanks for posting.


cliff said...

and don't forget to remind the 6 year old to wipe real good. they don't seem to feel thats terribly necessary.

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