Friday, July 22, 2005

Picnics and Penguins

another gay dad
Last week we took our two young kids to two picnics on Saturday. The first was a brunch with the local GLBT running group. Later that afternoon we attended my work’s GLBT staff and alumni picnic. We were still not done eating snack food. That evening we munched popcorn while seeing the nature documentary, “March of the Penguins” at the movie theatre. I love penguins.
Sunday we took the kids to the SF Zoo for the day and saw their penguins.
We were out every night this week...three dinner parties, a Giants baseball game and a local production of the musical “Brigadoon”.


@z3nF said...

Your children are wonderful I think your daughter will be famous

she is very nice

dbfeb said...

I've been meaning to ask if you could comment on your children's reaction to you coming out. Especially the older son.

Another gay dad said...

My believe in both our cases the divorce was harder on the kids then the coming out gay. The oldest son was away at his second year of college. It seemed he was upset and worried the most. It took several weeks for his dad and mom to reassure his that things were OK. My oldest daughter was at her first year at college. However, she and her stepmother did not get along and her attitude was why did you wait so long to divorce her? My youngest kids were too young to remember when I lived with their mom. The unique situation in our case is that my husband and I came out, divorced our wives and moved in together immediately and then settled right back into parenting. We weren't single and dating. I think it has been harder for the boys to deal with the issues of their mom dating other men.

Scotty said...

Just found your blog...fellow gay dad here in a relationship. Good luck and glad I found you!

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