Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Vacation Request

In two and a half weeks, E and I leave on an adventure vacation. We try to do at least one a year. Since we have been together we have done a hike in the Alps on the Haute Route to the Matterhorn, a bike ride down the Oregon coast and another bike ride through the Czech Republic. This year we are doing England’s Coast to Coast walk from St. Bees to Robin Hood’s Bay. It is a 190 mile, 15 day, hike from the Irish Sea to the North Sea. We are hiking with a group from July 30 to August 15.
After the hike we are spending a week in Edinburgh (Aug 15-21). We are staying at one of the gay owned Bed and Breakfasts in the city. Our goal is to take in as much of the Fringe Festival as we can. Any suggestions or advice on how to do the Fringe Festival or what not to miss in Edinburgh? This is our first time to Edinburgh and the Festival. Thanks!

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Stairs said...

Half the fun of Edinburgh is discovering the little eateries and local produce stores that make it special, but there are a couple of things you might want to look into if you get the chance.

If you want one fairly swanky dinner, check out The Witchery, a top class restaurant almost next to Edinburgh Castle on the Royal Mile ( - booking is a must, and if it's well in advance, book your table in the Secret Garden, provided it's open. Almost opposite the restaurant is a tartan workshop; it's aimed at tourists, but I loved exploring it all the same.

Fifteen to thirty minutes walk down the Royal Mile will take you past a little café called Plaisir du Chocolate on the right. Avoid it, because 200 yards further down, on the left, is their main restaurant by the same name that serves pretty reasonable food but an excellent selection of chocolates (from drinking chocolates to desserts).

From Prince's Street, the big street on the other side of the ravine to the castle, it's a 25 minute walk down to Leith. Why go there? Well, some of it may seem a bit ghetto, but Edinburgh's best seafood restaurants are down there. A local could probably recommend better than I, but there's popular pub cum Bistro on the waterfront that is excellent, and the top seafood restaurant (alas, unable to try it on that trip) is not so far away. Another 20 minutes to spare? Take a walk to the nearby shopping mall; the Royal Yacht Britannia is moored behind it, but access is from within. While I felt ridiculous as a champagne socialist student to pay to enter a former royal vessel, I actually quite enjoyed the tour, though once is probably enough.

Your trip sounds wonderful; the lake and peak districts are stunning, and I only hope that our weather is kind to you! Have a great time.

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