Friday, April 07, 2006

Brokeback Ballet

Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake is stunning reinvention of Tchaikovsky’s ballet. It has been touring around the world since 1995 but this is the first time it has performed in San Francisco.
It is beautiful, strong and masculine production. Both E and I were brought to tears when we saw it Tuesday night. It is an emotional and tragic story of suppressed love and transformation.

The following evening, Wednesday, we attended American Conservatory Theatre’s production of The Rivals.
This was a well serviced production of Richard Brinsley Sheridan’s 1775 comedy of love and deception. It had good acting (Anthony Fusco & Charles Dean pictured), sets, lights and costumes. The dazzling costumes are by local designer Beaver Bauer.

Thursday was opening day of Giants baseball. E is a long time, loyal Giants fan. I like the Giants and baseball because E likes them. E considers opening day to be a holiday. We took the high school son and one of his friends to the game.

There was a little arts news to report from a Giants game. Smooth jazz trumpeter, Chris Botti tried to play the Star-Spangled Banner. I have never seen him in concert. And I still haven’t. The public address system and sound were awful. You couldn’t hear him.
I own most of his CDs. I love to look at his picture when I listen to them. His music is better heard in the bedroom than a sports stadium.


geek_boi said...

I remember reading about Bourne's interpretation of Swan Lake in the textbook of my theater class a few years ago. I'll have to check it out!

Oh, and......Go A's!

Let's Go Oakland!


John Q. said...

I love the comment - "I like the Giants because E likes the Giants" or words to that effect.

I didn't know Bourne's Swan Lake was making the circuit. Fantastic. I still remember when it was on PBS and I thought I would swoon it was so beautiful.

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