Tuesday, April 04, 2006

No respect from IMDB, an Amazon Co.

Another blogger, Faggoty-Ass Faggot, started a campaign to contact IMDB on why the site doesn't recognize government sanctioned same-sex marriages or civil unions. FAF discovered that IMDB has a policy that says:
We are not yet accepting homosexual marriages until their status has been fully determined by legal challenges. Such unions, along with civil unions, can be noted as biographical trivia.

I received a pathetic response from Internet Movie DataBase. It is just a BS form letter. One thing I didn't know, IMDB is an Amazon company. Amazon has no problem selling gay merchandise and taking money from gays. But don’t expect any respect.
same-sex marriage details in IMDB
by - guydads(31 Mar 2006 04:30:30 PM)

Your policy of not listing same-sex marriage or civil unions except as trivia is insulting and bigoted. Please change your policy to reflect the progressive changes happening in equality around the world. England, Canada and several other intelligent western nations now recognize same-sex unions.

Re: same-sex marriage details in IMDB
by - IMDb Help Desk (3 Apr 2006 11:10:54 AM)

Thank you for sharing your concerns with us. We always welcome comments, constructive criticism and suggestions aimed at improving our content and our features.

Due to the massive quantities of feedback we receive every day, we regret that we are unable to provide a personalized response or follow-up on the progress of every issue that is brought to our attention, but please rest assured that your concerns have been forwarded to the the staff in charge of the relevant section of the site.

We appreciate that you took the time to share your thoughts with us. Though we cannot make any promises as to if or when we'll actually be able to act on your suggestion, we do consider all feedback from users when making changes to the site and thank you for your support.

The IMDb Help Desk


Aethlos said...

I hope you saw the Rosie O'Donnell cruise ship doc on HBO... OMG... i wept like a woman... and i thought of YOU GUYS through the whole thing... it's a TERRIFIC piece of doc film making. OXOXOXO

Nathan said...

I find that really disappointing, especially since IMDB is one of my favorite resources. Silly me, I like to look up actors' astrology signs :D

Anyway, I will think twice about using their site from now on. Thanks for following through.

Blogger said...

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