Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Snowshow Rant

Waste of time
We attend a lot of theatre. Last year we saw over 80 shows. This year we have seen 21 since January. We see comedies, dramas, musicals, operas, revues and other strange theatrical performances. Last night we saw the lamest show ever put on a professional stage. “Slava’s Snowshow” is a complete waste of time. Our $47 tickets got us barely 50 minutes of a 'show' along with a 20 minute intermission. We arrived at 8 and left at 9:10. In the meantime, sitting in our regular mezzanine seats in an almost empty theater, we missed much of the show which was performed in the orchestra, out of our sight.

We love clowns. We have been to many famous and not-so-famous clown performances, here and in Europe. We were looking forward to this show. The performance was the blandest, slowest, most pointless performance of any kind we have seen in several years. There was little energy and hardly any laughter or clapping from the audience. Maybe Slava, who is known to change his performance each evening, looked at the mostly empty audience and decided to call it a night before the show started.

We left so angry it took a couple of hours to calm down. Wasting an evening like that is not fun. We realize we will not like every play (e.g., the recent disappointing "Lestat"), but we do expect a full evening and a major effort by the cast. Last night was neither.


Jere said...

I forgot that you guys were in town. Let me know if you're up for a drink or coffee one day.

Aethlos said...

i always read about your theatre-goings, and i wish you were going to be in chicago this july - i would so love for you to come to my show. :)

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