Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gay iPhone Apps

Gay iPhone Apps[UPDATED MAY 2010] In mid-February 2010, the Apple App Store removed thousands of so called ‘overtly sexual” applications. One report I saw said they purged over 5,000 apps. Within a few days over half the Gay iPhone Apps listed below were gone. (I have marked the banished apps with strikethrough lines.) None of them were pornographic. Most of them were just shirtless guys in shorts, bathing suits, or underwear. I didn’t see any nudity or bare ass.

Playgirl App for the iPhoneThe only gay photo app still available is Playgirl. Apparently, Playgirl (like Playboy and Sports Illustrated-swimsuit) is safe because it "is a well-known company with previously published material available broadly in a well-accepted format" according to an Apple VP in an interview in the NYT.

All the social networking app sites are still there. That is where the real adult fun is and has been. Most of them are easy to post and share graphic pictures and make sexual hookup arrangements. I did see one Craig’s List app (and there are many) that had an update that would eliminate access to Personals section of Craig’s List in order to comply with Apple’s no porn edict.

Apple says there’s an iPhone app for just about everything. When E and I bought our iPhones at the beginning of May, I decided to put that claim to a test. Guess what the first thing I searched for? Yes, gay applications. Not surprisingly there were several dozen apps showing up in a gay search of the iTunes Store. Here is a brief rundown on many of the apps targeted for GLBT users. I have downloaded and tested over a dozen of the free apps.

The best gay iPhone apps that I found are “Edge” and “GayCities”. They are informative, practical and useful for the entire LGBT community.

Gay News.
Gay news app EDGEEdge
– Actually it is more than just news. It is like getting GLBT lifestyle magazine (news, entertainment, style, business, tech, travel and nightlife) on a mobile app. It has been one of the few apps I use everyday. I love it. I was already receiving their daily emails and have visited their website at many times. There articles have depth. They are much more than a two sentence RSS feed. The breath of coverage is amazing too. This app demonstrates what magazines and newspapers could morph into in the future. I find it easier to use than the similar news application I downloaded, the NYTimes app.
Rachel Maddow news appRachel Maddow – MSNBC commentator and the first openly lesbian anchor to host a prime-time news program in the US. App features news, photos, videos and podcasts of her show.
Ellen - iPhone app for the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Clips, pics, blogging and tweets and all things Ellen in one place.
Windy City Times News - GLBT news from Chicago and nationally.

Travel guide and business locator.
– It primarily features the listings of gay-friendly restaurants, bars, hotels, and beaches in over 70 cities worldwide. We’ve used it while we were out and about in San Francisco, Palm Springs, and NYC for both reviews and directions. It is a useful and helpful mobile travel guide. It is a gay version of the app Yelp. We have also posted reviews of places we’ve been to at their website,
Gay Scout by Damron - Highly regarded publisher of gay and lesbian travel books and website.
OUT Magazine Guides - local listings of bars, restaurants, shops, nightlife and hotels from OUT magazine.
There are several paid gay travel apps such as “Gay New York” ($1.99), “Gay London” ($1.99), “Gay Swiss Travel” ($2.99), “GayBook”(France) ($1.99), "GayGermany" ($1.99), "Sitges" ($0.99), "Gay Globe" ($1.99). "Mobile Gay Guide Cities" available for Atlanta, Ft. Lauderdale, New York and Fire Island ($1.99). New ones include: "LA Gay & Lesbian Guide", "GB Travel". They seem pricy when you consider all the similar free travel apps available. We downloaded the free “Amsterdam Mobile Guide” since we are going there August 2009.

Gay Social Networking.
These apps offer a way to locate, connect, message, share photos and chat with other online guys. They can be a sort of an iPhone version of Craigslist M4M and Manhunt if you are looking for a hookup. It is also fun to just see who is on and gay around you. I’ve installed six of these apps and list them below in order of preference.
Gay app GRINDRGrindr – This one is my favorite despite having the least amount of features. It is a simple who’s here, gay and has an iPhone? It appears to have more local guys on it. I suspect the popularity varies by region and age. Sorts current logged in users from a few feet to hundreds of miles. Although I am not looking for a date or hookup, I have had nice chats with a half-dozen local guys. Drawbacks compared with the other apps are that one can only post 1 picture in your profile and there is not much space to write or describe interests. Grindr X is a paid version ($2.99) with mobil maps and no advertising.
CraigsphoneCraigsphone – One of several apps designed to bring to the iPhone. The “nearby people” feature makes is easy to track who is posting locally without having to input your zip code. Upload a post with photos. Good search function. Easier to use then the website in some ways.
WhosHereWhosHere – This app works for all sexes and orientations. One can view profiles that meet criteria for friends, dating, networking or location. The app allows posting up to 4 pictures in your profile. Has more room for listing information than Grindr. Can send and receive messages and pictures. Not as many local users as Grindr.
Purpll-Gay Life AppPurpll-gay dating – Combines gay social networking with mobile maps. Also allows listing of gay places (bars, clubs, dances, etc.) and events (parties, gatherings, etc.). One can post public and private photos. The app has many of extra search and news features. I haven’t tested them all yet. Navigating from one screen to another can be slow. There is a separate “hot or not” app to rank site photos.
Boy Ahoy gay dating appBoy Ahoy – Mobile app for social dating site The app allows for many pictures to be posted in profile. Most users appear to be very young…18 to 20ish. Not many local users. Can send private pictures and messages and has a Twitter-like news feed and multiple search options.
West Fourth - This social gay app says its profiles are classy, clean and cute, and celebrate the best qualities of our users. Meet gay men in your neighborhood that are looking for lasting connections and relationships.
Qrushr - A Grindr knockoff from England. It has gay profiles, chat, gay radar along with a streaming channel of gay dance remixes.
DList - App integrates seamlessly with website. Site is owned by the dating/hookup site Manhunt.
There are several other free dating and meeting apps that I didn’t download: "1800GayLive", "i-Date Gay", "iGay free", "G2", "Gd - Gay Men's Social Network", “Gay Chat”, “Gay SpeedDate”, "Looking4LGBT", "PinkMap!", "Recon Mobile - a fetish hookup site" and "Web is Pink". There are several pay social network apps listed below too.

There are endless music choices and apps for the iPhone. Several that come up on a gay search are the following:
iHeartRadio appiHeartRadio – A collection of Clear Channel radio stations from around the US. SF Bay Area stations include Star 101.3, KISS 98.1, KMEL 106, Wild 94.9. The app also offers a variety of other internet music channels such as Pride Radio (Pop & Dance with a Gay Sensibility), Smooth Jazz, New Country, Real Oldies, etc.
GIRL music appGIRL radio – Gay Internet Radio Live (GIRL). Non-stop dance mixes from GLBT Radio Network. A non-stop blend of party, dance, club and circuit sounds.
Gay FM radio appGAY FM Radio - a gay dance music station from Berlin, Germany. Hits and remixes from around the world.
DMA Radio: Dance Mix America - Another dance mix of streaming music from circuit party promoter.
Dance Gaytion - Club anthems and dance classics streamed from the UK.
PrideNation Radio - The longest running, highest rated, most listened GLBT dance radio station in the US.
DeeGay - Italian web-radio dedicated to the GLBT world. Offers three channels of music: Current, classics and club hits.
OUT Radio - Gay Internet Radio - streaming internet LGBT lifestyle-oriented shows. - another gay music station.
Queerhunt Radio - gay radio with request link.
Pocket Tunes Pride Gay Radio - gay, dance, and Broadway radio stations. $1.99

Get Out GBLT - Coming out stories posted by users.
Handsome Devil Press e-cards appHandsome Devil Press free-cards- 20 gay theme e-cards to choose from for occasions ranging from birthdays, holidays, dating and sex. Designs from Handsome Devil Press.
HRC Buying for Equality Guide - guide to brands and products from businesses that support GLBT equality.
Oh My Gay Stars: Gay Marriage in the US - listing of states that have legalized same-sex marriage.
Queer ?'s FREE - conversation starters and questions on sex, relationships, coming out, health and queer politics. Full paid version $0.99.
Stop AIDS - information, articles and statistics about the virus.
The PUMA Index - Global stock ticker--when the market goes down, the models' clothes come off to their PUMA bodywear.
BoyPic - "Photoshop" your iPhone picture with one of several shirtless male models.
Hunk du Jour appHunk du Jour - "Hunk of the Day" from entertainment site Hunk du Jour. Your source for photos and profiles of noteworthy men on a site that is "Mom-friendly."
Hot Weathermen appHot Weathermen - get a seven day weather report of a city of your choice with a picture of a hot hunky guy.

Games that sound gay but are really a straight fascination of all things phallic. Many of these iPhone games are some of the most downloaded free games.
Balls appBalls - Interactive finger entertainment. Play with balls by dragging, tapping or shaking them on the screen.
PapiMissle, PapiPole – Artillery game.
Pee Monkey Toilet Trainer – Test precision skills now $0.99.
Pocket Tanks – Artillery game.
Shaft - Precision skills game. $0.99.
Steakhouse or Gay Bar? - Can you judge a place by its name?
Sword Drill - Bible verse game (!)
Swords Fight - Fighting sounds effects for $0.99.
TouchWood - Interactive finger entertainment for the superstitious.
UrinalTest gameUrinal Test – Determine how well a straight man will pick the “right” urinal in the men's room. Pro version now available for $0.99

Other Paid Gay Games with an emphasis on Hot Guys and Hunks
Gay Dice - Shake the dice and follow the listed action for listed body part. Free and $0.99 version available. No pictures.
Absolutely Sexy Beach Men - Slider puzzle. Several puzzles of hot men. 29 squares of abs and biceps for $0.99.
Body Sushi - Sexy take on the classic memory match game. Update: now free.
Calendar Studs Jigsaw - jigsaw puzzles of sexy young studs. $0.99.
Guy Chaser - Brain teasers, word scrambles and challenging anagrams. $1.99.
iFlipflow Boys - A handsome's guys shirt flows off when you tilt the display. $0.99.
Poker vs Guys: Strip Poker - Texas Hold'em with guys that will take their shirts off. $1.99.
Sexy Slots - A sexy tongue-in-cheek slot machine game. $0.99.
ShowBoy - Discover a hunky man by rubbing the satin sheet off him with your finger. $1.99.
25¢ Peep Show Sexy Guys- A simulated peep show with a shade, coins, slot and shirtless guys. $0.99.

Other Paid Gay Apps.
I have not downloaded any of the Paid Gay Apps available. Here is a list of some of them I found while searching.
AGaySpot - locate the nearest adult venues and cruising spots in US and Canada. $1.99
Ask Cotton - An app that mixes a drag queen with an answer seeking oracle. Ask yes or no questions and Cotton Kan-Dee will answer! $0.99
Bear Woof! - a gay "bear" site to socialize with others for $0.99
Dating DNA Plus – dating app for $4.99. Free version available.
ePrideGuide – gay business listings app for $1.99
50 Ultimate Lesbian Cocktails - 25 butch drinks for the fem chick and 25 fem drinks for the butch gal. $1.99
GaydarApp – interactive social networking app for $1.99. Free Gaydar Light version is available too.
Gay Kama Sutra Sex Positions - 25 drawings of positions for $0.99.
Gay History Project - 150 LGBT historical events, places and people for $2.99. Lite (free) version available.
GayNews – Offers a collection of gay news feeds for $0.99. I love the free Edge news app.
Gay and Lesbian Pride – glossary of gay and lesbian terms $0.99
Gay Pride Calendar - 16 month (July 09-Dec 10) gay pride calendar. $0.99
Gay Quote appGay Quotes – quotes, pictures, history and trivia app for $1.99. UPDATE: I downloaded this app. It is fun for the times when you have nothing to do and you just want to idly play with your iPhone. It is an interesting collection of photos and quotes. Not everyone quoted is gay or speaks of gay rights. There are a lot of general quotes about life, love, equality and justice.
Gay Symbols and Slogans - collection of symbols that represent the GLBT community for $0.99.
Hanky Codes - a decoder of gay hanky codes. $1.99
iDateGay – gay dating app for $4.99.
iPropose – hack boyfriend’s phone and see if he still wants to marry you. $0.99
iPump Power - fitness app with 6 workouts with 70 images of strong men with lean muscle. $1.99
JustCircuit - news and lifestyle information from a circuit party promoter for $0.99
My Gay Agenda - a calendar app with occasional gay commentary for $2.99
MyGayGo appMy Gay Go – List of gay businesses. I’ve seen ads in the GLBT press for this $2.99 app. Seems very similar to GayCities which is free.
MyHunk - Emergency notification app with hunky pictures in the background. "I've fallen down and I can't get it up." $0.99.
My Ty – Stereotypical lisping, limp wristed, pink shirt, effeminate character app. Fabulously offensive for $0.99.
Pride – a comment sharing app for $1.99; free “light” version only displays comments.
Gay Daily News - news updates from an unnamed source for $4.99
iQ Calendar - shareable picture album/calendar of men. $1.99
ManLight - combination app of flashlight and photos of male models for $0.99. Free "light" app available.
My Boys - undress 4 different male cartoon illustrations for $1.99

Paid Male Photo Apps
Playgirl - shirtless photos of male models from Playgirl for $0.99

ADONIS - monthly photo publication with renowned photographers. $1.99 each issue.
ALMANAC - monthly calendar like app with a daily male photo. $0.99
AMG Brasil Boys appAMG Brasil Boys, AMG Beefcake!
- photos of shirtless Brazilian male models or 1950's vintage beefcake for $0.99. A fun but tame app from a gay porn studio AMG.
Asian Guys - male models for $0.99 Hunkalicious - surfer guys in board shorts, not bikinis for $0.99
Boy Toys, Calendar Studs - male models (McApps) for $0.99
Boys Vol 1 sexy pictures for gay & women community - photos of male models for $0.99
California Summer Guys, Exotic Rainbow Guys, Guy Wall, Hollywood Guys, Men Between the Sheets, Office Guys, Surf Boys, Southern California Babes, USA Cowboys - male models (Pink Clouds) for $2.99.
Canadian Guy Candy - photos of male models for $0.99
Guys of the CLUB – rate photos of male models for $2.99
Hot Studs - photos of male models for $0.99
Hottest Guys Sexy Men - rate photos of male models for $1.99
iHunks, iStuds - photos of male models (Aeolian Trading) for $0.99
iModeling Male Edition - photos of male models for $1.99
LadyBoys - first transgender app? Thai models, male to female, for $0.99
Sexiest Men - photos of male models for $0.99
Sexy Guys (Gay and Straight) - photos of male models for $0.99
Sexy Men Slideshows - photos of male models for $0.99
STUDZ Ripped - photos of male models for $1.99
Wild College Boys - photos of male models for $0.99

Other interesting free apps for a better gay lifestyle:
5800 Cocktails5800+ Drink & Cocktail Recipes – Exactly what it says. Drink recipes at your fingertips. Create a favorites list, browse drink categories, and search for specific recipe.
Daily Dish - Practice to be your own celebrity gossip columnist. Will you be the new Perez Hilton or Pink is the New Blog?
Yelp - A local search and reviews online mobile service based on their website. Great for when you are on the go. GayCities is a similar app for gay and gay friendly businesses. We like and use both apps.
AroundMe - It allows you to quickly find out information about your surroundings. Great at locating banks, bars, gas stations, hotels, theatres, parking lots, restaurants, taxis, etc.
Shazam – An app that lets you identify music tracks and tag and buy them.
Facebook for iPhone – Now you can always stay connected. If you are still on MySpace, an app is available for that too.
Pandora Radio – Create your own personalized radio stream on your iPhone.
OpenTable – We use this all the time to make dinner reservations and to find and try new restaurants. You also earn points towards free meals. We have saved several hundred dollars this way.
Cool Guy appCool Guy – A clothes style planner and shopping assistant. You take pictures of each item in your wardrobe with your iPhone and categorize it with this app. I didn’t download this app. I have no gay fashion sense. But I could see my husband using it.

Apple tries hard to keep up a squeaky clean image by insisting that its iTunes Apps store does not offer anything with porn. But seriously, this may be the one App you don’t need for an iPhone. After all, you are holding in your hands a lean, sexy camera phone with an internet hookup. What other tools would you need or desire? Still not sure? Check out this website, Guys with iPhones. [Note: Totally Not Safe For Work – Wanton Male Nudity]

NOTE: I have updated and edited this list multiple times as I find and try out more apps. One to two new gay apps are being released every week at the Apple iTunes store.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Prop 8 news and song

Twenty-four youtubers and one mother collaborated and appeared in this sweet music video of a Lily Allen song. The creative force behind the project said he wanted to “make something light hearted and funny for the victims of gay hate, to teach them to brush off the hate and stand strong and confident as who they are.”

I agree with my friend Mike who linked to this video saying he "has just one thing to say to the 52% of Californians that get to dictate how the other 48% should live. And it's best said through song."

Update. I love this video. Here is another collaboration from French youtubers:

This video, The Defenders (2009), first made me laugh and then cry. It is part of the “Educate against Prop 8” campaign. It takes its cue from the Martin Niemöller poem of “…When they came for me, there was no one left to speak out for me.”

Friday, May 22, 2009

Family Celebrations

Last weekend our oldest son graduated from Law School in San Francisco. Yea, job well done! Now he is studying for the California bar exam.

My sister and her husband just had a baby girl. The cute kid is named Tara. Welcome!

Friday, May 01, 2009

Local videos on Youtube

Two Stanford University undergraduate filmmakers, Abteen Bagheri-Fard and Jay Kilachand, have released this music video in support of same sex marriage. It is called “Gotta Get Wed”.

Let California Ring site, an educational campaign launched by the Equality California Institute.

Also at Stanford: Condoleezza Rice, former Stanford Provost and new Hoover Fellow, met with a group of undergraduate students earlier this week for a dinner and reception at Roble dorm. She get a little defensive when the questions of torture come up.

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