Sunday, December 23, 2012

Island House, Key West, FL

Island House in Key West, FL.
We have been reading and hearing about Island House ( in Key West for years. We’ve seen the ads in the gay travel press, read Joe.My.God’s blog about his visits there and even listened to the great recommendation given by the staff at our favorite gay resort, Pineapple Point in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We just finished a 5-day stay at Island House and had a great time. It was my first time to Key West. Eddie had spent a day in Key West years ago as part of a cruise ship excursion.

Island House is a nearly an all-inclusive, clothing optional, gay resort. The complex has a full service bar (with generous 'happy hour' drinks) and excellent restaurant around the pool. Facilities include whirlpools, steam and dry sauna, sun deck, gym, an adult video room, and nicely appointed rooms with comfortable beds.

The staff was helpful, friendly and cheerful. The other guests were a fun, eclectic mix of men.  Ages range from early twenties to eighties. Despite marketing materials that imply only gorgeous male models stay there, the true body types ranged from waifish thin to hunky muscular to bearish big.

Gay blogger Joe Jervis of “” was there the same time as us. We enjoyed meeting and talking to him. He published a conversation he heard poolside in his blog ( ):
“Yesterday, as an older couple situated themselves poolside at the Island House in Key West, I overheard a young, muscular handsome boy say something quite disparaging regarding their arrival.  Those ugly words had hardly left his lips when the apparent leader of his coterie of five equally beautiful men chastised him angrily, poking a finger in the subject's chest: "Darling, if you are very, very lucky, you can only hope that one day, maybe, you and I and all of us will be around to enjoy a place like this when we are their age. Don't throw shade, honey. See yourself in them." The speaker's friends nodded vigorously and first boy cast his eyes downward in embarrassment.”

An afternoon around the pool

A view from the breakfast table


Enjoying the sun deck

Resort is located at the corner of Fleming and White Streets in Key West.

Indoor sauna

Old photos from the late '70's

Our room at Island House.

A cool drink by the pool is very refershing.

Outdoor spa.
Weight room.
Most of our gay friends have commented on that Key West is not as gay as it used to be. However, if you have never been there you will find it to be plenty gay. There are still many gay-male guesthouses, gay bars and clubs, and gay events. During the last couple decades, more and more cruise ships stop there, which has resulted in the increase of t-shirt and souvenir shops and commercialization of what was once was a sleepy and quaint gay local. Gay enclaves all over the country are assimilating into the surrounding community. Change is inevitable. Our advice is don’t lament the past, instead seek out, enjoy and support the gay community that is there. Don’t hesitate to visit and patronize gay businesses in Key West.

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