Friday, May 19, 2006

Published again

I continue to challenge local newspapers to stop printing gay hate mail. We have progressed as a society that recognizes that the media no longer needs to print letters or give voice to wackos that attack blacks and Jews and other minorities. I rarely see white supremacists or KKK penned letters published. (Although, some recent letters about the immigration/boarder debate come close.) Yet, newspaper editors think it is fair and balance to give voice to gay bashers. Here is the latest round. There has been lots of local controversy about a Pride Parade in Los Altos, California. Below is a letter the Palo Alto Daily News (owned by Knight-Ridder) printed. The Daily printed my letter this Friday morning in all their regional editions.

Gay Pride Parade
Dear Editor:

As a Los Altos native who attended UC Berkeley, I rode BART and the bus home on weekends to find refuge from the in-your-face radical, homosexual movement. Now that refuge is diminished.

The Los Altos Gay Pride Parade is an anathema to my cherished upbringing, in which my parents sacrificed to afford to raise our family in the best place they could in Los Altos. It’s the gay pride’s supporters who are “bigoted and narrow minded” for spending public money to fund their narcissistic agenda in one of the last family-friendly towns in the Bay Area.

Most view the strengthening of the traditional family as necessity to ensure the prosperity and the survival of our society. The majority does not embrace homosexual behavior nor does it accept the radical homosexual agenda that strikes at the heart of the traditional family structure that has incubated in Los Altos for over 100 years. This will hurt, not help, homosexual acceptance.

The proud are indeed fools as I am not alone in taking personal offense to their attack on my hometown heritage.

Name removed
San Jose

Gay bashing appalling
Dear Editor:

I am appalled and disappointed to see that the Daily News feels that it is important to print letters that bash other Americans (‘Gay Pride Parade’, letters, Tuesday). I don’t understand why the Daily News believes that giving a forum to gay bashers is a benefit to the community.

Would you print similar letters that attacked and question the legitimacy of African-Americans, Asians, or Hispanics? Would you give editorial space for writers making anti-Semitic or racist comments? Try replacing the letter writer’s word, “homosexual” with “Jew” or “Black” and see how bigoted and hateful his letter is.

I expect a higher standard of the Daily News than pandering to controversy for controversy sake.

Ed J-------
Palo Alto

I wish my letter was better written. I would like it to be more compelling and forceful. But at least I got the point out there.


Anonymous said...

This is rediculous! You know what, you should write into that very same newspaper. Document it... See if they publish it. If they don't, then you have yourself a lawsuit I might say. What do you think? Wouldn't that show the agenda of that newspaper? Lookin forward to seeing what comes of this.

Scott said...

I thought your letter was very compelling and forceful. It was concise and hit the real issue not soem fake one like the bigots use. And to call us bigoted... what's that all about. Thanks for sticking up for us all. Scott

Shephard said...

Your point was very clear and simple, and well stated. Thank you for being a voice. If everyone did what you did, and spoke up when they saw things like that, the world would evolve a lot faster.
Nice blog. :)

Anonymous said...

fight the right. throw it in the courts. Clog the courts till they choke on the bigotry

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

Nicely done.

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