Monday, July 24, 2006

Letter to Runner’s World about bigots and bashing

In June, Runner’s World printed a short personal essay called “Equal Footing” by Robert Lennon that describes New York's Pride Run and how it has attracted a diverse group of runners for 25 years. The following month they printed two letters. One was from a reader thanking them for the coverage. The other letter said in part: "... I am extremely disappointed that you devoted an entire article to gay/ lesbian running events in NYC. There is no reason to give this type of attention to the issue--it has little to do with running or the vast majority of your devoted subscribers (don't forget us)."

I have written to the editors of a number of publications and websites when I see that they publish whinny, bigoted letters against the GLBT community. My goal is to educate the editors. It is not “fair and balance” to print every letter that bashes a community or group of people. In fact, most editors automatically ignore the rantings of extremist writers.

My letter I sent over a week ago to Runner’s World… No reply yet.

Dear Editor:

I am disappointed that Runner’s World feels the need to give homophobic bigots a forum to spout their hatred and fear of others (see your Letters to the Editor).

As a respected national publication, you ignore or discount letters that make racist statements against runners that are black or of another race or minority. Would you give editorial space for letter writers making hatful and disparaging comments about the disable and handicapped? Do you think it is important to print letters making misogynist statements about women runners?

Try replacing the letter writer’s words “gay/lesbian” with black or disable and see how bigoted and hateful his letter is.

I expect a higher standard from Runner’s World than pandering to the ranting of an extremist writer for the sake of controversy.



Anonymous said...

Love your letter to the editors. I completly agree with you. I'm a straight woman married to a man. Neither one of us have figured out how your marriage can possibly affect our marriage in a negative way. Until I get a logical response, looks like we're 110% Gay Equality.

Hang in there!


Shephard said...

Beautifully stated.

Cenk said...

thank you!

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