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GuyDadsEddie and Ed are two gay men who have been together since 2002. We were both married to women for twenty some years when we met and fell in love. We divorced our wives and moved in together. We each have three kids for a total of six that we share custody and support. All the kids (ages five to twenty-one at the time of the divorce) seem to enjoy spending time with their two dads. Fortunately, we have not had any major problems or issues with the kids about the separation, divorce or coming out.

We both love to attend theatre. Eddie has been a theatre board member and past board chair for an Equity theatre company and Ed worked as a theatre arts administrator for several south bay theatre companies over a 20 year period. We see more than 80 plays, musicals and operas a year. And we subscribe to at least a half-dozen theatres. We also try to see all the major nominated Academy Award movies each year. In addition, we are season ticket holders to the SF Giants. We do not have a television hookup (no antenna, cable or satellite dish). This gives us a lot of additional, flexible time. On those rare times when we are home, we do watch an occasional video from Netflix. We are usually busy with either kids or events most nights and weekends. We also do a lot of traveling. There is rarely a dull moment around our house.

Ed converted to Judaism in the fall of 2004. Previously he was Protestant (Presbyterian) but converted to Reform Judaism after a year and half of study. It was important to both of us to practice the same faith. Reform Judaism is very welcoming. As a denomination, they have been inclusive and supportive of gays and gay rights for a number of decades. Eddie and Ed are active in various Jewish causes. We are members of a large suburban Reform synagogue and supporters of the GLBT synagogue in San Francisco. We have been California domestic partners since 2004. On Father's Day 2005, We had a big Jewish wedding. It was a wonderful event. Our kids walked us down the aisle and were a part of the ceremony. We had a legal, gay civil wedding in October, 2008.


Colin said...

Did the conversion to Judaism involve circumcision or re-circumcision?

GuyDads said...

I had a ritual circumcision done where a doctor pricked my prick for a drop of blood while a rabbi observed. I also studied with a rabbi for over a year. Appeared before a rabbinic court and was immersed in a mikveh.

Anonymous said...

Had you been previously circumcised?


GuyDads said...

I was circumcised in the hospital when I was born.

Ray Bridges said...

At one time in my life I was immersed in Jews and Jewish culture and I briefly considered converting, such was the attraction to becoming a part of that incredibly rich cultural and intellectual heritage. Ultimately I decided that all converting would do would be to make me a Jewish agnostic rather than a Christian one. There was also that circumcision thing which was not at all appealing to me. My people don't do that sort of thing, and I had no desire to start some sort of trend.

Colin said...

I think if you are a previously uncircumcised adult converting to Judaism, you don't have to have an entire circumcision--just a drop of blood taken. Is this true, Another Gay Dad?

GuyDads said...

In Reform Judaism you would not have to get a full circumcision. The ritual circumcision "drop of blood" would do. I think conversion to Orthodox Judaism would require it.

Patrick Prescott said...

I'm curious to know about your exwives. Do you have a post about them?

GuyDads said...

The most I have written about our ex-wives so far can be found here:

Anonymous said...

How do your children call each one of you?

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your blog. Bruce and I also have 6 kids between us - 3 each. We've been together 16 years. Youngest child now 24. Two weddings last year and 2 more coming up. One grandchild, now 8 (from one over enthusiastic son) and 1 on the way. It has been an amazing and joyful ride! Wish you the same.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,
Great reading through your blog. My partner Aaron and I are in the process of preparing for fatherhood, doing our research and stuff. I'd love to chat with you and see how you created your family. Please send me an email when you have a chance.



Anonymous said...



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Unknown said...

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Kevin Richardson said...

Hey guys, I've just read this blog introducing yourselves, and I gotta say that I'm amazed! I've never heard of Reform Judaeism (sorry on the spelling lol), and I found it interesting that you both wanted to be of the same religion; I've been with my boyfriend for almost 2 and a half years - he's atheist and I was a Celtic wiccan up until very recently (I gave it up as I just lost interest), but religion was never really an issue with us, even when we've discussed kids! Its interesting to see that religion can still be so important to people.

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Unknown said...

Hi There!

First, I LOVE your blog!!! I just wanted to share something with you that might be of interest. It's a short film I've been working on called "The Maiden and The Princess," starring David Anders and Julian Sands. It's about a little girl trying to come to terms with her sexuality amidst a musical fairytale :) We're trying to raise money to get the film out there on the festival circuit, and get us through the final stages of post production!

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Allyson Block said...

I came across your blog and enjoyed reading the About Page. I noticed that you had a Ketubah at your wedding. I am a visual artist and I started making Ketubot about a year and a half ago. I feature Same Sex Ketubot and am happy to customize any text. I thought I would mention that in case anyone is looking for a contemporary Ketubah.


Deathtasteslikechicken said...

I decided to google "gay passover" on a whim. I found your page and I am so glad I did.
I am a transgender queer and one of my favorite religious holidays growing up was Passover so I still try to celebrate it in adulthood. Finding your page brought tears to my eyes, but joy to my heart.

Unknown said...

Hi guys,

I know this has nothing to do with your blog but I am a indie filmmaker introducing a controversial film project about two gay teens in NYC. One who is a runaway, and the other a self taught hustler who roams the streets at night trying to find way to make money...

It's being shown on a fundraising platform called and we need all the support we can get from the LGBT community in order to make this film happen and reach our funding goal.

Please have a look and share it with others:

C. Laundry said...

A ridiculously belated response to Houston, but such is the nature of blogs. Houston said: "Ultimately I decided that all converting would do would be to make me a Jewish agnostic rather than a Christian one."

Converting to humaistic Judaism is very low maintenance - no circumcision required (or formal conversion for that matter), and being agnostic is not a contradiction in Humanistic Judaism, which is Judaism without God.

Clare said...

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Unknown said...

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