Friday, August 25, 2006

Back to school-College Advice

It has been a week and a half of rallying and supporting our college kids to get ready for another academic year. This year we have four kids in college and two in grade school. The oldest son has started law school. Two kids are in their junior and senior years and one just started his freshman year out of state.

A little advice to remember while in college…
* Join clubs and get involved in organizations on campus.
* Socialize and party, but not every night. Don’t over do the alcohol and drugs. Know and learn your limit. Don’t be the drunk or stoner kid. Don’t smoke pot before studying or going to class.
* Meet new people from as many different backgrounds.
* Meet and get to know your RAs, TAs, and professors. Go to faculty office hours. Connect with your faculty, lecturers. Get to know some of the university staff and administrators.
* Take an internship; work on campus.
* Go to class; do the readings and the homework.
* Do not forget to call you parents.


A Bear in the Woods said...

I love the whole fatherly advice thing. There's a sweetness to it.

Anonymous said...

ahhh... back to school time...those were the days...always had to have that first day of school outfit to look good on your first day

Ray Bridges said...

Hey, welcome back. This is a little OT, but there's a discussion going on that might benefit from your point of view.

Anonymous said...

Interesting post! Thank you for the useful tips and suggestions!

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