Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I had a dream

Last night I dreamed I was in living in a musical. I was traveling in a car with Effie Melody White, one of the main characters from the musical Dreamgirls. We were driving back to her family’s home for Thanksgiving dinner. She had a driver and we were sitting in the back seat talking about how it is sometimes hard to go back and visit families. When we arrived at her parent’s small house it was filled with relatives. Some of them were happy to see her. But most didn’t know quite what to do or react because all knew that her parents did not approve of her having a singing career in the big city. The tension was thick. But Effie was proud of what she had accomplished. She was not going to let dismissive views of her pull her down. She was there to pay her respects to her family and enjoy the company of her extended family. In the dream, I remember thinking that this is one of themes that will resurface later when Effie sings the show stopping song, "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going". And then I woke up. The scene is not in the musical. It is more likely from a group meal scene from “The Color Purple” or “Dessa Rose”. Both shows I have seen in the last six months.

Oh man, am I anticipating the movie Dreamgirls opening in December or what?

From the 1982 Tony Awards with Jennifer Holliday:


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Anonymous said...

One time I dreamed I was in a musical, too. But I was a tree. And it seemed as though everyone was waiting for me to start singing, and I was like: Trees don't sing. They don't even talk.

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