Monday, September 17, 2007

Queer Post Office II

Over a year ago I wrote about finding the queerest selection of stamps at the post office. Well, I went back at the post office again last week. There was nobody in line behind me so I took the opportunity to ask the clerk to show me what commemorative stamps were available.

Amazing. I didn’t know there was a “homosexual promotion” going on at the US Post Office. Is there a queer agenda in the design of stamps? It does, however, break down along social/political lines, sort of a postal culture war. I noticed two distinct types of stamps. There were the Beautiful Gay Stamps and the Ugly Republican Stamps.

First, I will do a quick introduction of the Beautiful Gay Stamps:
Like the Colors of a Rainbow. Celebrate Jury Duty.The first off the roll are two stamps called “Jury Duty” and “Celebrate!” They both look like they came off a Gay Pride Parade float. You can’t get more rainbow than these two examples. There's a party goin' on right here/A celebration to last throughout the years/So bring your good times, and your laughter too/We gonna celebrate your party with youThe post office website says “Celebrate!” “will help postal patrons acknowledge a host of happy occasions, from birthdays to engagements to anniversaries and more. When good times call for good wishes, this stamp design will add a touch of cheer.” “Jury Duty” celebrates a “diverse group of twelve representative jurors.”

Next are two gorgeous series of nature stamps called “Beautiful Blooms” and “Pollination.” They are stunning, intricate, and “suggest that biodiversity is necessary to ensure viability.” In other words, it’s gay! The blooms are: coneflower, dahlia, chrysanthemum, gerbera daisy, tulip, iris, poppy, water lily and magnolia bloom.
Beautiful Blooms Pollination, another word for spreading seed
Marvel Super HeroesThe next series of stamps are “Art of Disney: Magic” and “Marvel Super Heroes.” The heroes are: Captain America, Elektra, Iron Man, Silver Surfer, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Sub-Mariner, The Incredible Hulk, The Thing and Wolverine. The post office says: “Their adventures have provided an escape from every day life and demonstrate that individuals can make a difference…Super Heroes have responded to social and political issues from their beginnings.” Hmm, sounds like the “gay lifestyle” to me. Art of Disney. Anyone wearing red?The Disney stamps feature Dumbo and Timothy Mouse, Peter Pan and Tinker Bell, Mickey Mouse as "The Sorcerer's Apprentice," and Aladdin and Genie. I think the NY Post would refer to them all as closeted “toe-tappers”.

Now the Republican stamps:
Actually, they are not as hideous as it sounds. The first two are “old school” moderate Republicans that are no longer embraced by today’s fundamentalist Republican guard (GOP). They are the 38th President and ERA supporter, Gerald Ford, and movie legend and staunch supporter of the Republican Party, James Stewart (who was not gay).
38th President and ERA supporter, Gerald Ford movie legend James Stewart
Three other stamps, “Forever Liberty Bell”, “American Flag 2007” and “Purple Heart” are ugly and boring. They are perfect to go on an appeal envelope from the Republican National Committee.
Forever Liberty Bell, American Flag, Purple Heart stamps

That’s it for this installment of gay philatelic reporting.


Anonymous said...

That jury duty stamp is WAY gay! I love it . . . :-)

Congratulations on your coming-out anniversary! I love the video -- I hope you don't mind that I posted it on my own blog after I saw it on yours. It's just so sweet.

Anonymous said...

Interested in gay stamps? :-) Have a look. Thanks Perry

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