Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pride 2009

We are unfortunately going to miss San Francisco Pride again this year because of our trip to New York City. We are hoping we can make it to some NYC pride parties.

YouTube video called "Pride 2009". It is a celebration of GLBTQ pride and the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion, the birth of gay pride.

GuyDads pride news.
The blog “John and Steve are having a baby” profiles 16 gay families. We are please to be among such amazing and inspiring households.

The Lesbian and Gay Foundation in Manchester, England put together a list of 100 informative, entertaining and inspirational blogs. GuyDads made the list. Thanks!

POM juiceSpecial thanks to POM Wonderful for the case of pomegranate juice. On the POM website the company champions the health benefits of pomegranates. I knew it was an excellent source of antioxidants. But it was news to me that the juice improved cardiovascular blood flow, prostate health and erectile function. Wow, just what a gay Jewish man needs for Pride weekend. The Jewish symbolism of pomegranates is one of righteousness and fruitfulness.

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