Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lies, exaggeration and fabrication on Proposition 8

Vote NO on Proposition 8The “battle” in California to pass Proposition 8 and revoke the rights of gays and lesbians to marry is getting nastier and nastier. The religious and conservative extremists are going to spare nothing including the truth, respectable research and scientific evidence in order to justify their stance. They are launching a multi-million-dollar campaign against gay and lesbian people in California based on lies and making things up.

For example, I received a recent email from the American Family Association. In their email plea for money and support, they scream, “Liberal activist judges in Massachusetts and California, each by a 4-3 margin, have already forced homosexual marriage on their citizens! There is nothing in current law which would keep one judge from legalizing marriage between three men, or two men and four women, or any other combination.
Liberal activist judges?” Really? In California, six of the seven judges are Republican and were appointed by Republican governors.
…forced homosexual marriages on their citizens?” Wow, that sounds dangerous and deadly…like a shotgun wedding? Are homosexual marriages mandatory now?
The last sentence about group marriage is just nonsense and exaggeration. There are lots of laws against group marriages.

The SF Chronicle reports that backers of the proposition said: 'If the gay marriage ruling is not overturned, teachers will be required to teach young children there is no difference between gay marriage and traditional marriage,' supporters of Proposition 8 said in ballot arguments that went on public display this week at the secretary of state's office. It's all nonsense and scare tactics, opponents of the measure said Thursday. Steve Smith, strategist for the No on 8 campaign, said opponents of the measure will decide by next week whether to sue, which is the only way a ballot argument can be changed before the election."

UPDATE: Equality for All (a coalition of civil rights, faith, choice, labor and community of color organizations working to stop and defeat any ballot measure, especially Proposition 8, that has the intent to discriminate against LGBT Californians) has a few ways to help:
  • Sign up to volunteer. We need people like you to help spread our message and get involved.
  • Make a donation now. Make your money count early on.
  • Tell your friends, your family, your co-workers, your neighbors. They need to understand the challenge we face, so they can get involved, too.
  • Register to vote. This issue will be decided at the polls. Be sure you’re registered, and that your information is current, to make sure your voice is heard.
With your help, the message of basic fairness, fundamental freedoms and equal treatment under the law for gay and lesbian couples will be carried to all fair-minded Californians.


Esther said...

This is just reprehensible. They are telling lies about my friends, people I love, and I take it very personally.

It always seems to come down to "the kids" too. That's the ultimate scare tactic. As if legalizing same-sex marriage would harm any child. It's beyond ridiculous, it's offensive.

I just feel kind of helpless. I've spent part of this week leaving comments on someone's anti gay-marriage blog. The same tired arguments get trotted out, like "marriage is about procreation." Well, when I try to bring up the point that infertile couples can get married, I'm just ignored. And then they go on repeating the same lies again and again.

But, as Martin Luther King said, "no lie can live forever."

It just saddens me that opponents are spending millions of dollars that really could have an impact on the lives of children to fight this measure. Is it really so important to them to take away someone's civil rights?

So what is the other side doing to fight this? Are they well-organized enough?

GuyDads said...

Equality for All has a few ways to help:
* Help identify 10 new No on Prop 8 voters. Urge your friends and family to "Vow to Vote No" on Prop 8 today! (
* If you're getting married, please start an Equality For All wedding registry, urging your loved ones to contribute to our efforts to defeat Prop 8. (
* Make a contribution to Equality for All. We're up against millions, and we're going to need your support to win. (
With your help, the message of basic fairness, fundamental freedoms and equal treatment under the law for gay and lesbian couples will be carried to all fair-minded Californians.

paulbenedict said...

When to men say they are married, they must not mean what it says in Websters... A. What do they mean?
B. How is that different than what it says in Websters?
C. When others, by California law are mandated to say that you are "married" aren't you trying to force others to "lie" for you?

Kevin said...

Hey guys! How are things? You probably didn't catch the SF Chronicle this morning, but PG&E just donating $250,000 to stop Prop. 8!

Pascal H. said...


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