Wednesday, July 23, 2008

No gay love for McCain

I don’t usually copy and paste other blog entries, but this was too good. From the Towleroad site :
Poll: 14% of LGBT Adults Favor McCain While 60% Favor Obama

Yet 14% of LGBT adults
would still cast a vote for him over Barack Obama. Astonishing.
"Among LGBT adults, 60 percent favor Obama while 14 percent favor McCain. Three percent of LGBT adults favor Barr, while 1 percent choose Nader. Six percent choose 'other,' while 17 percent of all LGBT voters are not yet sure which candidate to support -- comparable to the general population. Among independents, Obama has a 12-point lead (38 percent to 26 percent), but one-quarter of independents are not sure, 4 percent would vote for Bob Barr and 3 percent for Ralph Nader. The findings also show that 90 percent of African-Americans are voting for Obama, as are six in 10 Latinos. Whites, however, are leaning towards McCain over Obama (40 percent versus 34 percent)."

I don’t find the polling to be that surprising. I know conservative gays that might be a part of that 14%. Some site concerns of Obama’s “experience” (often a code word for being black) or perceived stance on Israel (another code word for being black) or are always supporters of conservative/Republican economic and social positions (either looking out for their own selfish interest or to cover closeted homophobia). It just shows that gays encompass of all aspects of society. So much for orchestrating a culture war and promoting a homosexual agenda.


JACK said...

I'm new around these parts, but this post struck a chord with me. I'm not sure where these 14% come from, but I did date a gay black republican (a conundrum, I know) and the McCain thought process doesn't make sense to me either. This ex- of mine actually believes that gay marriage is wrong. I'm sure you're in total shock that he's an EX.

Anonymous said...

Put simply, some gays would prefer that their bank accounts remain intact rather than obtain the right to marry each other (though Obama's position on the matter stops short of marriage).

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