Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Song and Celebration

San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus at Davies Symphony Hall, April 2011Last week was all about food, song and celebration. The busy week began on Monday (the first night of Passover) with the tech rehearsal in Davies Symphony Hall with the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus. We decided to postpone our traditional first or second night Seder until Saturday, the sixth night.

Thursday’s concert with the Gay Men’s Chorus was Eddie’s first time singing publicly with a group in over thirty years. It had been a dream of his for several years to get back to his first love of singing. Music had always been a part of his life throughout his youth. Even during college and post-graduate work he was involved in various groups. However, once he moved out West, his singing days went silent until earlier this year when he auditioned for the chorus at the last minute.

The sold-out performance on Thursday was awesome. The 250, all male chorus sang incredibly beautiful, contemporary numbers. Different male choruses around the country had commissioned most of the music in the last 20 years. The concert, called simply, "Words", featured several SFGMC videos, an exquisite hand-picked chamber orchestra provided by the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and made full use of Symphony Hall's glorious Rufatti Organ. It also included soloists and ensembles pulled from the chorus.
Here are two videos to give you a taste. The first welcomes the new Artistic Director/Conductor, Dr. Tim Seelig, (who is from Texas). It is called "Tale of Two Cities," and it is funny & fun.



Gay Passover Seder
Our gay men’s Seder was a great success too. Eddie spent the two days after the concert cooking and preparing. He out did himself again by preparing an elegant, multi-course, gourmet meal.
The menu included:
- Trout roulades stuffed with sole mousse,
- Roasted veggie soup with 3 kinds of matzah balls,
- Pecan-crusted chicken breasts stuffed w/ smoke turkey & leeks,
- Matzah polenta w/ sherried mushrooms,
- Squash ratatouille,
- Tomato crisps,
- Strawberry mousse
- Coconut/almond cake infused w/ liquors.

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Bill Dameron said...

Enjoying your blog. I am another gay dad out here in Boston. Keep writing!



Unknown said...

My partner and I attended the SFGMC concert... it was so touching and entertaining. Bravo to all!

sewa mobil said...

Very nice, thanks.

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