Wednesday, June 01, 2005

End of May

Memorial Day weekend was another kid’s weekend. I had my two young kids for the three day weekend. My oldest daughter (20) was around for much of the weekend before she left for a summer session at college. On Saturday we bought dresses and shoes for both daughters to wear to our wedding. For both the six-year old and twenty year old, the shoes cost twice what the dresses cost. We got lucky with the dresses, they both were on sale. Sunday we took the two young ones to see the SF Giants lose another baseball game. Monday was a BBQ and pool party at my parent’s house. We had an early birthday celebration for my son. He turns nine next week.

Tuesday night E made a special dinner for the two of us. He had a new recipe he wanted to try out:
-- Herbed goat cheese stuffed chicken breasts with a port cherry sauce
-- Garlic Brussels sprouts, halved and seared
-- Fresh corn, lightly in milk
-- Young Romaine with crudités and oil & vinegar
-- 2000 Russian River Zinfandel
It was a terrific meal.

1 comment:

Will said...

Brussels sprouts are a huge love of mine. I like it that you publish whole menues.

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