Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Mr. Fabulously Interesting

I love Toby’s (Vividblurry) short piece about his Dad banging on his bedroom door to wake him up. Toby has perfectly captured one of those quintessential times between a son and a father. Our 16 year old son suffers through this every morning. And just because it is the weekend, is no excuse to spend all day in bed. Unfortunately, the 16 year old has not learned how to cover his tracks yet. He has been busted with alcohol and marijuana paraphernalia several times. He is grounded and lost his car privileges for the Summer.

Like Toby, our oldest son, 22, just graduated from a college in Washington DC. He is coming home in a week for our wedding. I think we will give him a break and let him sleep late.

I find Toby’s blog to be fascinating and enjoyable. It gives me a better appreciation of my own kids.

His critics, especially gay guys in their mid to late twenties, baffle me. If they were straight, they would be Republican Soccer Moms writing letters to the editor complaining of homosexual fornicators teaching their children in school.


Ryan said...

Count me as one of his critics. I think he's said some particularly mean things about some particularly good guys. Guys he'd never met and never even chatted with.

I just don't think he should be in the habit of throwing the first stone. It's sort of time he grew up.

GuyDads said...

Parenting 3 college age kids and one high schooler, one sees a lot of his type of obnoxious behavior. Maturity comes late for some.

Patrick said...

I have never read anything mean written on vividblurry, what has he said?

GuyDads said...

Read his blog. He often likes to link back to his critics.

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