Thursday, June 23, 2005


Last Wednesday evening E and I went to see “The Goat, or Who is Sylvia” by Edward Albee at ACT in San Francisco. It was an amazing production. We came out feeling shell-shocked and not quite knowing what we just saw. Nevertheless, it was brilliant. It explored the tension between the comic and tragic, and the real and the absurd. We’ve been talking about the show for days (mostly when we were tired of talking about the wedding).

Thursday we had a lunch meeting with our wedding coordinator to review the details. E had a seven-page schedule prepared of what is happening when from 1pm on Sunday afternoon to 8:30pm that evening. E is a very organized person and pays lots attention to detail. After Thursday’s evening meal, E finished the table cards for the sit down reception dinner.

Friday I took off from work. We picked up our tuxes and ran a bunch of errands during the day. That evening we had Shabbat dinner with our six kids. We started the weekend in a peaceful and joyous manner.

Saturday: Hair cuts for my three kids. My oldest daughter (20) ends up spending 6 hours at the hair salon having 5 dye jobs trying to get her hair presentable. E runs around getting a suit fixed for one of his boys. That evening we attended the rehearsal dinner for wedding party and family. Several long time friends of E host the party for us. Close to 50 people were there for a lovely California evening. (It threatened to rain earlier that day!) Towards the end of the evening we staged a quick tech rehearsal, jumping from cue to cue, of the following day’s wedding. We then passed out thank you notes to everyone in the wedding party. We celebrated the close of the party and the end of the Sabbath with a Havdalah ceremony under the oak trees in their backyard. It was beautiful.

Sunday morning started with a breakfast of bagels. At 10 a.m. we got a call from one of the couples in the wedding. A close relative was gravely ill and they could not attend. Another couple graciously offered to stand in their place. By 12:45 we were all dressed and ready to leave for synagogue for pictures with the photographer at 1pm.

Next entry, the wedding!

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