Monday, May 07, 2007

The gay ex-husband

The New York Times on Sunday (5/8/07) had a wonderful essay in the fashion and style section written by the divorcee of a gay man. Link here. It is written by Cindy Chupack and is adapted from the new anthology "Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys." Ms Chupack was a writer and producer for "Sex in the City."

In the essay Ms Chupack tells of a bittersweet reunion with her gay ex-husband and his new family, a partner and a couple adopted kids. She is about to remarry and her rabbi suggests she get a Jewish divorce certificate called a “get”. This is suppose to help bring closure to the previous relationship. What this leads to is seeing her ex in a new, appreciative way. The essay starts off in a funny, hysterical vain that had us laughing out loud as were reading it. It ends with a warm, supportive understanding of gay families.


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