Thursday, May 10, 2007

Make a Difference This Week

Tuesday night we attended an event in San Francisco. It was called a Community Conversation with actor Don Cheadle (Hotel Rwanda and Crash) and human rights activists John Prendergast (and over 2500 of our 'closest friends'), we were all asked to help make a difference for Darfur this week. Please read on and help.

I am asking each of you to 'choose to participate' today (or at least by this Friday). This is a call coming last night from John Prendergast and Don Cheadle, who have just written a book "Not on Our Watch: The Mission to End Genocide in Darfur and Beyond." I just did what they asked. It is easy. It took just 3 minutes. Here is all you do:

--> Call 1-800-GENOCIDE (and please do so today). You will be connected to the White House. Say you have a comment for the President. You will give your city. Then simply say, "I urge President Bush to implement fully Plan B to end genocide in Darfur."

Background for those not there Tuesday night: Two years ago this administration declared Darfur a "genocide." Under an international agreement we have signed, that should have triggered immediate actions by our government (e.g., sanctions of all sorts, restrictions, etc.). This administration has wavered and wrung its hands for two years while thousands have died. According to John Prendergast, the pressure has built from the public and from some in Congress to the point that the administration's insiders are actually urging the President to act now. Critical, inside discussions are occurring this week, and a go/no-go decision is about to happen. This White House listens to the way the wind blows, and the daily tallies of how many people called for what can make a real difference.

SO -->>>>

1) Call today.
2) Have every member of your family do the same.
3) Send a likened request to all your benefit attendees, your friends, email lists, etc.

Margot Strom, the Facing History and Ourselves founder and one of the sponsor organizations for the event, told students it is time to "make noise." John & Don said the very same thing. And they all gave examples how 'noise' matters and has made a difference time and again in recent history. Please take the 3-5 minutes to make your call and 'noise' and then consider taking 10 minutes more to send messages to others urging them to do the same. Next week may be too late. This issue could go back on hold again for the administration. Demand this is not the case.

More information: Not On Our Watch website,

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