Friday, May 30, 2008

Condi visits the Farm

Condi at the Farm

On the Friday morning before Memorial Day Weekend we were all greeted by bomb sniffing dogs and secret service guys. At first we thought one of the presidential candidates were going to visit.

Turned out Condoleezza Rice was the guest. She was in the conference room across the hall from me. The 'buzz' is she is looking to come back to "The Farm" after she is done with George. She use to be Provost here. Maybe she will join her old pal, Donald Rumsfeld, as a Hoover fellow.
We have heard from friends that know Ms Rice that her dream job would be NFL commissioner. She is quoted by ESPN saying "I think there's no more interesting and better-run institution than the NFL. "


A Bear in the Woods said...

I guess it's true;once a politician, always a politician.

Jess said...

Ick. Well, maybe she's good at academics. She's certainly not good at her current job!

Unknown said...

Turns out that both Thom and I have met Condoleezza Rice. I was at Stanford during the last few years that she was provost; I even took her class on European politics (which come to think of it, I didn't attend much). And Rice was Secretary of State during the latter part of Thom's tenure at the State Department.

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